Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does it Work?

You place small, wireless devices from Amazon around your home that respond to your voice commands. To reach out, you just say a short phrase (“Alexa, Neighbor Knocker!”), and the system then contacts everyone and anyone you choose via telephone and text message. Friends and neighbors can respond within minutes or even seconds. You don’t need to carry around a phone or an alert button. The entire home is covered, so you can even make contact while in the shower. All you need is your voice.

Is it Expensive?

Not at all. The devices are about $40 per room. Setting it all up is usually very easy (depending on your specific needs), and monthly costs are very low.

Is Installation Painful?

Actually, installation is pretty much effortless. All the devices are wireless, so all they need is to be plugged in and configured. They look good, too, and they’re small so they won’t clutter up your home. And there’s absolutely no need for making holes in the walls or any kind of construction at all.

How Long Will it Take to Get Up and Running?

Generally, it’s very quick. You take a few minutes to look around your home, and then you order the required Echo devices either using our links on the Devices page (which helps us), or directly from Amazon.

Once the devices are delivered (directly to you), you set them up, which usually takes about ten minutes per device (it gets faster as you get better at it!) You then set up your contacts with help from Alexa, give it all a test, and you’re done. Depending on the size of your home, and the number of contacts you want to set up, you can be up and running in under an hour.