We’ve Picked Amazon Alexa

After a lot of research, Neighbornocker has decided that the best available line of devices to keep you connected at home is the Echo line from Amazon (“Amazon Alexa” from the voice so many of us know). Amazon’s commitment to voice assistant technology is significant, and is apparent in the quality and functional elegance of the entire line.

Make Sure You’re Covered…

Neighbor Knocker is designed to keep you in touch by making it possible to contact friends and neighbors using only your voice. That only works, though, if your voice can be heard.

Make sure you install enough Echo devices to cover every corner of your home, even places you rarely go (those places are frequently the ones where you’re most likely to want to reach out!)

Generally, one device per room is enough. For unusually large rooms or spaces, consider more than one device. The Echo Dot is adequate in most circumstances and is very reasonably priced.

…Even Outside

A battery powered Echo is particularly useful if you spend time outside. It can double as a good-sounding speaker when you’re entertaining.

Fringe Benefits!

Although our emphasis is upon your safety at home, the benefits of using Alexa-enabled devices are broad and growing every day. Listen to your favorite music anywhere in the home; make and answer phone calls; keep your shopping lists in order (and even order directly from Amazon with your voice!) Alexa can even turn the lights on or lock the door!

Over time, and as Alexa gets smarter and smarter, the Neighbornocker support team will make sure you’re up to date on the latest advances. Voice technology can make life better in so many ways; we’ve got you covered.

Order Directly from Amazon

We don’t make money from your Amazon purchases. You can purchase your Echo devices directly from Amazon and they’ll be delivered directly to you. We only make money from Neighbor Knocker subscriptions, so please consider upgrading from the free version. We appreciate your consideration.

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