About Us

One Mission, One Focus

We started NeighborNocker because we’re living alone ourselves. We understand how hard it can be to keep in touch; to access friends and neighbors; to make sure people know we’re out there and we’re okay.


Despite our best efforts, there are times when our hands are full, or we can’t get to the phone. We felt that people like us ought to have a means of reaching out to others that is always available, even if we can’t put our hands on it.

Nothing seemed to meet the need. Little gizmos, buttons and necklaces were intrusive and only useful, again, if we could get our hands on them. Depending on others to stay in touch wasn’t a solution either.

Get Neighbor Knocker Now!

And then, Alexa came along. Perfect. All we would need now to get in touch with others would be our voice. If we had an Amazon Echo device in each room, we’d be covered everywhere. All that was missing was a service to link us to our friends and neighbors via Alexa. And that’s what the Neighbor Knocker skill for Alexa does.

Three Steps to Being Safe Home Alone

Adding Neighbor Knocker capabilities to your home is easy. Please click to learn about the three-step process that we have developed to keep you in touch, 24/7, using only your voice.

Three Steps to Staying in Touch