Social Distancing Shouldn’t Mean Cutting¬†Yourself Off

The world has changed. We’re all learning to protect ourselves and others in the face of a pandemic. But long periods at home alone make it easy to feel like nobody knows you’re around. And if you really need to talk, or need a helping hand, sometimes it’s hard to find anyone quickly. Reaching out to one person at a time is time-consuming, and sometimes the phone just isn’t accessible.

When you want your friends and neighbors to know you need them, it’s far easier to contact them all and see who’s in a position to respond. To do that, quickly and no matter what the circumstances, there’s a really great option available to you now: your voice.

Just Say, “Alexa, Neighbor Knocker!”

We have designed a system that covers your entire home (even outdoors!), is always ready to respond, and requires only that you say a short phrase to let your friends and neighbors know you want them to get in touch. “Alexa, Neighbor Knocker” is all you have to say.

When you do, the system will instantly contact anyone and everyone that you wish. It will call them and text them all, within seconds. Neighbors and friends tend to respond quickly, usually far faster than anyone else will. Trusted people listen to you, and can make decisions that need to be made or take action that needs to be taken.

And all you did was ask.

With Alexa, It’s Easy to Always Be in Touch

Neighbor Knocker uses Amazon Echo devices to give you complete coverage all over your home. Setup is simple and fast: there’s no construction or lengthy installation, no learning curve for you, and the cost is modest.

Connected living on your own is within reach, today. Why not learn more about the Neighbor Knocker solution? Just click  below to learn more about

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